What are the Common Types of Pests in Meridian, ID?

Wanda Rice

If you have a pest problem, you need to know what sort of pest is invading your home. There are many different types of pests, including fleas, flies, ants, cockroaches, and more. Knowing the type can help you figure out how to get rid of them. It would be better to hire pest control technicians in your area to efficiently identify and treat the pests that have become a nuisance in your house.

Let us now see into different types of pests that are common in the households of Meridian, ID.

1. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are minute in size and very hard to detect. They feed on blood, and they often bite the people who sleep on mattresses. Bed bug bites can be very irritating, but they have no long-term health effects. Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, unlike mosquitoes and ticks.

Bed bug infestation is more common in homes that have recently been occupied by a new tenant or in homes where many people live together, such as dormitories, military barracks, or nursing homes.

2. Ants

Ants like to nest in the cracks of walls, in drawers, and on bookshelves. They are sometimes also seen on electrical wires. Ants can be kept in check by regularly mopping floors, disposing of garbage, ridding the home of crumbs, and cleaning up the landscape. Ants cannot spread disease, but they can irritate their victims, which can lead to allergic reactions.

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Ants are often found in homes that have more than one unit. They can be a nuisance on the floors and car interiors but are usually harmless. Ants are brought inside by a recent guest or by ants migrating to new territories.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are small insects that do not fly. They can be brown or black. Cockroaches start to appear in homes when there is a problem with food storage, moisture, and filth in the surroundings. Cockroaches are frequently found in humid environments like basements or in areas suffering from natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes.

Cockroaches are dirty insects that can spread diseases like salmonella and hepatitis. They can also grow their populations rapidly, so it is necessary to regularly clean up fridges and pantries to keep them under control.

4. Termites

Termites are arthropods and social organisms. They eat wood or other cellulose materials and live in colonies with a caste system. When they reproduce, the queen termite produces eggs which hatch into nymphs that grow up quickly and become adults.

Termites are most active at night, and it is almost impossible to notice them. They are very dangerous since they can destroy a home from within without showing any obvious signs of damage.

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