Getting Familiar With Dental Filling Method

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Tooth decay is one of the dental problems many people experience during their life. There are various methods available to repair this caries and fillings. Dental Filling is the most common and useful method to treat tooth decay or cavity. It is better to have enough information about different dental methods to experience better treatment. According to a dental fillings expert in North York, tooth decay is one of the most common dental emergencies that may occur at any age. You should know that although caries is not very dangerous in its early stages, they can even lead to tooth loss in case of being ignored.

In order to get rid of tooth decay, the decayed part must be removed and treated by filling the tooth. To fill a tooth, it is necessary first to use the temporary restoration method. After a few days, if no complications are seen, replace it with the permanent restoration materials. Before dental fillings, the dentist removes the germs involved in causing inflammation in the tooth pulp. Inflammation in the pulp causes a lot of pressure on the teeth nerves. The reason that toothache increases while sleeping is also related to this factor because when lying down, the pulp’s internal pressure increases, and so the pain increases.

 The Process Of Root Canal Therapy And Teeth Filling Is Done In Five Steps, Which Are As Follows:

In the first stage of tooth filling, the dentist anesthetizes the tooth with anesthesia.

In the next step, the existing caries are removed with a special dental drill.

Then, etching gel, which is an acidic gel, is applied to the teeth to fill the teeth well while filling the teeth.

At this stage, depending on which tooth they fill, the dentist uses the appropriate materials and fills the tooth with it.

In the last step, after placing the material on the tooth, the dentist uses polish to make the filled tooth shine.

Dental Filling

But What Are The Side Effects Of Dental Fillers?

Try not to fill your teeth constantly and avoid this. They often fill their teeth with mercury, and if this substance comes out of the teeth and spreads into the body, it will cause irreparable damage to the body. The brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs are the most important organs at risk of mercury. Try not to overfill your teeth, and do not fill more than seven or eight teeth.

Researchers have recently discovered that having more than eight filled teeth in the mouth can increase mercury in the bloodstream of the human body. The study results show that mercury in the blood of people with eight filled teeth is 150% more than people who have no filled teeth.

Mercury usually becomes dangerous when the gas is inhaled. It is not a threat if a small amount of mercury enters the body orally because the stomach does not absorb it. But the real danger is when mercury is inhaled, and most of the damage is to the brain and kidneys. However, further study on how amalgam can increase mercury levels in the human bloodstream needs further study.

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