His and Her Facelifts – The New Trend

Wanda Rice

There are new trends for couples popping up all the time — for example, couples working out together on social media. But it seems, one of the latest couple’s trend is getting cosmetic surgery done together. Like the facelift, this trend is not just what it appears on the surface, as it actually has been found to improve couples’ relationships entirely. As the age-old adage goes, couples that play together stay together.

But First, What Exactly is a Facelift? 

The facelift is one of the most commonly done procedures; with over 123,000 being completed in 2019 alone. Like anything else that requires precision and years of training, it is a craft that has different ways of being done. For example, the deep plane facelift technique which has brought about some of the most stunning before and after transformations. The key to it is that it does everything a normal facelift does but reaches deeper and boasts not only much better and more natural-looking results, but a higher safety rating as well.

The deep plane facelift is a cosmetic surgery that not all surgeons perform, due to the time it takes to home in on that specialization. However, one of the best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Russell, offers it in his Charleston, South Carolina locations. Highly regarded by many of his peers, Dr. Joseph Russell not only completed his medical schooling with the highest of scores possible, but also completed a fellowship with Dr. Andrew Jacono, where he mastered the craft of the ‘deep plane facelift.’ In fact, in a one-on-one sit down, he revealed exactly how he performs this procedure, and answered some questions, which can be found below.

Simply put, whereas the traditional facelift pulls the skin taut, the deep plane facelift adjusts the muscles under the skin to lift and reposition the underlying musculature resulting in natural looking results. This gets rid of the “made up” or “fake” look that can be seen in celebrities like Dolly Parton or Jocelyn Wildenstein whose skin looked too tight.  The deep plane technique also lasts much longer. While the traditional facelift can normally last upward of 10 years, the deep plane facelift can last upward of 15 years, giving that youthful transformation an added sense of longevity.

A Familiar Trend

Back in December of 2012, CBS covered a similar trend, wherein mothers and daughters were getting facial plastic surgery done together. Perhaps the positive effects seen in this trend, inspired the creation of the ‘his and her’ trend as well.

In the CBS article, they make mention that the procedure had left them with uninterrupted time together and a chance to relax. On top of this, it introduced a newfound supportiveness between the mother and daughter. All of these together, they ended up being closer than ever before. With couples getting into this trend, it allows them to leave the stress of work and daily hecticness of life to improve on themselves physically and mentally.

Men Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery Now More Than Ever Before

In recent times, more and more men are undergoing cosmetic surgery, than ever before. There used to be a long-running stigma around men getting cosmetic surgery done, but with gender barriers breaking down, men are at an all-time high for receiving plastic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of males undergoing the facelift procedure has risen by 60.47% between 2000 and 2019. This ‘his and her’ trend might, actually, further break down the stigmatization of this being a gender-specific tradition. As more men are starting to see the benefits of what cosmetic surgeons can do for their significant others, they may start to think of how they can improve as well, alongside them. As one surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn says, “a lot of couples want to play together, they vacation together, they want to raise kids together. Now they are having surgery together, too.”

In a questionnaire with Dr. Joseph Russell, he was asked:

Question: “What positive effects could ‘his and her’ facelifts have on a relationship?”

Answer:  It’s a shared experience, which I think strengthens the relationship.  The partners can relate to each other in the recovery phase in a way that is different that if only one of them is undergoing surgery.  Plus, it’s fun for them to see the restoration of youth in each other’s face.

Question: “Why do you think the majority of people getting cosmetic surgery are female?”

Answer:  I think it stems from our cultural expectations of beauty and aging.  It is unfair, but I’ve heard over and over again men get “distinguished” with age, but I never hear the same said for women.  This is changing however, and more and more men are becoming interested in turning back the clock, especially for eliminating sagging skin under the neck.

Question: “Why should men become more open-minded to the idea of getting plastic surgery?”

Answer:  No one likes to look in the mirror and see age creeping in.  In the past, there were prominent male actors and musicians who underwent facial surgery, and the results were not flattering, mainly because the same procedure was applied as if it were a woman’s face.  I think in the past, the potential to look “operated on” turned many men away from considering rejuvenation surgery, and they just accepted the aging process.  While many of the steps of surgery for male and female surgery are the same, there are some very critical differences that we now know have to be made when performing a man’s facelift or rhinoplasty, compared to a woman’s, and this recognition is allowing us to now produce outstanding, natural results for men as well.

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