Should you Switch to Vapes?

Wanda Rice

Those who are looking for an alternative way of smoking and have got tired of the old traditional cigarettes can start by using the JUUL starter kit. This is a simple and basic kit that can help a person new to vaping get started, hence its name. You must try out this starter kit first and then move on to buying Vapes. The smooth usage and easy accessibility will make you like this way of smoking. And the different flavours may lure you to try out new flavours. The device is easy to use and not complicated at all. The battery can be charged easily in one hour to full and lasts you a long day. It is small and portable and you can take it with you possibly anywhere with you. The look is very cool and loved by social media influencers. Go on give it a try!

So, What Do you Get in a Vape Starter Kit?

The JUUL starter kit comprises of 1 device, its charger, and 4 different flavour JUUL pods. These are all separate flavours, with no repetition, allowing you to have fun and enjoy 4 different flavours when you buy 1 pack. There are also further different types of JUUL pods that you can select from. May options are available at the stores close to you. The device is simple and looks very trendy. It comes without a button, so doesn’t really look like an e-cigarette. When the pod is inserted and inhaled upon the sensors activate and give out vapes. The sensors are quick to know when to start. One pod should give around 200 puffs, so it is a good investment. You can enjoy mint, mango, crème, and also strong tobacco all in one single pack. Also, other flavours are there in the market. Choose the pack according to your liking. It can be fruity, minty, or just strong tobacco.

Why Should you Try out Vapes?

The most loved part of JUUL pods by users is that it comes in many different flavour options. So while you are getting your dose of nicotine you can try out different flavours. They will make your mouth smell different after use. The satisfaction is even more than the normal cigarette. The taste is amazing and you get your cravings satisfied as well. The friends and family that are sitting next to you are not annoyed by the strong and pungent smell of tobacco like that from a traditional cigarette.

Why are People Preferring Vapes?

The best thing about vapes is that it is simple to use and there is no mess afterward. There is no use of fire, so safe around kids and indoors as well. There is no passive smoking for those close to you. The look is stunning and makes you feel like a rock star. The same device can be used for different flavours which are never possible with traditional cigarettes. They are small and portable. Recharging makes it pocket-friendly.

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