What To Consider While Buying Your Skincare Products

Wanda Rice

Following a proper skincare routine and eating the right food is the key to healthy and glowing skin, but many of us fail to follow a routine check for our skin due to any reason either people are facing some kind of medical issue or are some kind of medications which are resulting in getting their skin dull gloomy. There can be numerous medications being taken by various patients such as patients of depression and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are obliged to take ADD medicine which have other effects on their physical health. As we know that excess of everything has a payoff no matter what it is, hence using such medications can be harmful to your skin as skin discoloration. The methylphenidate transdermal system (Daytrana) skin patch has been linked to a skin condition known as chemical leukoderma. This condition causes permanent loss of skin pigmentation at the place where the patch is applied. However, the reactions of medicines vary from person to person depending upon their health conditions.

Taking any kind of such medicines is harmful in any way as our outer health is automatically linked to our health from inside as mental health is a key to a happy soul if you are mentally fit you can surely get better from outside and your body can be healed .people from various mental health issues like that off ADHD, depression, anxiety are on several medications and treatments e.g. ADD MEDICINE or treatment and such issues affect the mental health of a person which will automatically affect physical health and skin and fitness health issues may arise too.

Now when starting out with taking care of your skin firstly you have to understand that what type is your skin and what kinds of product will work for your and what kind of products can be harmful and affect your skin in bad ways, when you will be clear about what type is your skin and how can work out your skincare routine with consistency and time your skin will surely and start doing at its best. Now there are 3 types of skins oily, sensitive, and combination, each skin type has its own needs and needs different types of care. Once you know what exactly is your skin type, all you need is to search for the products which will suit your skin type and will work out for your skin type.

Oily skin care: now if you have oily skin well you need to pat yourself on the back as oily skin rarely ages and well girl you will be looking as 25 or 26 when you will age so that’s a big gain I guess , when you have oily skin so there is excess oil production on your face which gives you shiny and greasy look and oily skin is acne prone skin with open pores having oily complexion , white heads and pimples because hormone effects oil production and anything which effect hormones will surely effect skin  , so heading up towards skin care routine for oily skin you have to was your face twice in daily bases with a foaming face wash and gently massage it on  your skin day and night for approximately 1 minute to get rid of all the oil and dirt on your skin and you have to make sure that your face wash consists of salicylic acid and following it up with a vitamin c serum as it is anti-oxidant as it will protect one from harmful sun rays and it’s an anti-ageing as well so don’t skip on this one and going onto the next one you have your toner and moisturizers which are oil free, moisturizing is very important as it soothes out your skin and lastly you should wear an SPF which is non greasy. If you are above 25 you should be using retinol at night following the same skincare as aging starts in mid-twenties. You can follow up weekly as by putting on a clay mask and doing scrubbing on your face with natural exfoliators containing small granules so it won’t trigger out your acne.


Combination skin care: now following up if you have combination skin you will have your t-zone area oily and greasy but other parts of your skin will be dry, getting your skincare for the combination you have to follow up with a good face wash any good gel cleanser will work after that you need to tone up your skin using a good toner for minimizing pores and getting rid of residual oil while also hydrating your skin you can get your hands on good toner which are high in antioxidants and are very hydrating after that you would be needing a serum that won’t sway away your complexion and should be light and help your overall skin type after that you will be needing a good moisturizer which will be consisting of SPF as well so it won’t make your look greasy and oily. Weekly you can do scrubbing with natural exfoliators and after that, you can be using good face masks that soothe out your skin evenly and enhances your complexion.

Dry skin care: dry skin is slightly dull with less moisture and this type of skin is very sensitive as it will react to normal skincare products so according to my opinion one having dry skin should go for a dermatologist and only use the products which are prescribed to them other than that they can use hydrating sheet masks and they should use a creamy cleanser twice a day and exfoliations can be done only once a week because that will irritate your skin out.

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