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The cannabis plant, also known as marijuana, or ganja, has very ancient origins. This plant species is also unique in the world because it is indeed used as fiber, but it also exploits its psychoactive properties. Its culture seems to date back to around 10,000 years ago, and this is confirmed by the discoveries on the island of Taiwan and in some cases of present-day.

Long Usages

Cannabis has been used since ancient times for various purposes. The Aryans smoked it, and the Chinese, as evidenced by a pharmacology study signed by Emperor Shen Nung, used it in medicine, even the Greeks marketed it, and the Scythians and the Phoenicians made the sails of their ships thanks to cannabis.

  • Marijuana, however, seems to have arrived in Europe about five centuries before Christ. Traces of seeds and leaves of this plant were found in Berlin, in an urn dating back to 2,500 years ago.
  • Its consumption has become a real fashion among intellectuals and, in fact, the hash smoker’s club was founded in Paris. This included writers and poets such as Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas and Charles Baudelaire.

Finally, we cannot forget the cannabis paper used to print the Gutenberg Bible, and the United States Declaration of Independence, the sails of Christopher Columbus’s caravels, and the countless plantations scattered across America.

Cbd Oil

A Factory Cannabis Production Outside View

  • The plant belongs to the Cannabaceae family, to which only two species belong: Humulus (hops) and Cannabis. The latter produces hallucinogenic substances, such as hashish and marijuana, and cannabis, one of the most famous fibers in the world.
  • Cannabis, a species of annual cycle flower, has a height of between 1.5 and 2 meters, but some specimens can even reach almost 5 meters. It has a taproot, one of the main elements, from which many small branches depart, and it has a thin stem, erect and branched. The petiolate leaves (the petiole is the part connecting the end of the leaf to the branch), are lobed-webbed, and composed of a variable number (between 5 and 13) of small elements.
  • This plant is also defined as dioecious because the male and female reproductive organs, stamens and pistils, are located on shrubs of different sexes. The male flowers (stem cells), organized into panicles, are placed at the base of the leaves, and each of them consists of 5 tepals fused at the base, and 5 stamens. Now with the Canabis Oil cbd this is true.

On the contrary, females (pistils) are grouped from 2 to 6 at the base of the bracts: the transformed leaves accompanying the flowers and inflorescences, from which the short ears originate. In each of them, we distinguish a calyx-shaped membrane that envelops an ovary, which is the natural extension of the ovary and ends in the stigma, and 2 stigmas: the elements involved in pollination.

The two flowers bloom during the summer, while the pollination is anemophilic, thanks to the action of the wind. The flowers, which look like round, hard oval alkenes, appear during the fall season, contain a single seed and their color is a mixture of olive green, dark brown and reddish.

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