We Are By Nature

Wanda Rice

Nature has provided humanity with the slightest of its requirements. Sustainability and balance achieved by the most intelligent creature on the planet, the human, has only been achieved with the support of mother earth. She looks after the tiniest of needs and caters the massive requirements too. With diversity sprinkling from every aspect of the environment, we witness uneven land surfaces, gradients of colour in the resource-rich water bodies, and a wide variety of plants and vegetation.

Years of research and in-depth knowledge have revealed to us about the various resources we are blessed with and have learnt to survive and cherish with them. A prominent constituent of the whole composition of the earth plants is serving different purposes, flaunting different textures and colours, enriched with different sizes and shapes. Surviving in various temperatures and horizons on this planet, plants make this earth a better place to live and give peace to both eyes and mind.

Following a great deal of research and studies has over the years disclosed the kind of plants we have and the different species of which we are still unaware. Stratified, some plants are indoor, and some are outdoor. Some provide us with food, while some bring an aesthetic touch to our lives. Resolving more purposes than we can imagine plants are paving the way for humans in hindsight. Enlisted are herbal supplements, fuel, pesticides, chemicals all majorly provided by medicinal plants.

The soul of the plants speak.

The big trees that beautify our gardens, or the little planters in our rooms, plants preach positivity and our signs of life and growth. A beam of inspiration, plants are a ray of hope for many who struggle to make their paths each day.

Low maintenance still PROs

Plants are those friends of people that need a bare minimum of water and sunlight and the rest they bear on their shoulders.Apart from serving our aesthetic needs, they form a bridge between man and mother earth. Survival is impossible and rather disappointing without the support of plants.

plantas-medicinales-ii-1259x686.jpg (1259×686)

Priceless possessions

Plants form a spinal cord to the entire ecosystem. They are unsung warriors, mystery workers who make each day more comfortable for humans to breathe and survive. They drizzle upon us their shadow; they shower us with food, a significant stratum of the food chain revolves directly around plants, and the rest undoubtedly relies on it indirectly. Treating us of our disease, they continue to be used for their medicinal values since ancient times. Used then by Vedic gurus it has now transformed with a much modern approach.

The face of evolution may be science, but ironically, science can’t take one step further without plants. With the biological and chemical composition that our plants provide they are a constant and replenishing outsource. Humankind has one crucial role to play, which is to save the plants that protect us every day from a hidden misery we have never experienced. Plants are the key to this ecosystem. The power they hold is incomparable. We lead an enormous life while they are the simplistic base to it. Evolution is with plants. Evolution is with nature.

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