Why Every Woman Should See an OBGYN

Wanda Rice

Most women do not love to visit an OB/GYN, which could be due to fear of examination. This is why most avoid visiting their medical caregivers or only go when they notice abnormal symptoms. An OBGYN cares for women through all stages of their lives. As a woman, you should start seeing one before family planning and continue through menopause. A gynecologist can also help girls during puberty to get information like management of periods, protection against sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives, and acne prevention. Your trusted Fair Oaks OBGYN specialists at Capital Women’s Care are dedicated to offering quality care to safeguard your reproductive health.

Why Should I see an OBGYN?

Booking an appointment with your OBGYN can be a challenging experience for most women, especially the first time. It may feel uncomfortable and weird in the beginning. But going for regular checkups is vital for your health. The following are reasons why you should consider seeing an OBGYN:

General Health

Visiting every doctor helps to establish the general health and condition of the body. When you meet with your OBGYN, they are not checking specific parts but ensuring everything is okay within the whole body.

Breast Examination

It is crucial to visit your OBGYN to assist in monitoring the signs of breast cancer. Instruments such as mammograms can help detect your breast’s condition and determine whether or not you could be ailing from a severe infection.

Pap Smear

A Pap smear is designed to identify signs of cervical cancer by checking cells on the cervix. Women over the age of 21 should get regular pap smears. The frequency of such tests depends on the agreement between you and your OBGYN.

How to Become an Obstetrician Gynecologist (ob/gyn)

Pregnancy-related Issues

If you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant, it is recommended that you visit your OBGYN. They will offer appropriate and valid information that will assist you in continuing with your pregnancy.

How Often Should I see My OB/GYN

It is a good feeling when you know you are on top of your health. Most women rely on annual gynecological appointments to check their health and ensure that their bodies are in good shape. Many also wonder if it is necessary to see an OBGYN every year; every woman should see their OBGYN yearly to get several tests and ensure they are healthy and prevent complications such as cervical cancer. New guidelines for cancer screenings recommend less frequent pap smear tests for younger women and no pap tests for older women. It would help if you talked to your OBGYN to get the right advice about such tests depending on your specific needs.

When Is It Necessary to See an OBGYN?

A visit to an OBGYN for every woman is necessary; you should book an appointment when:

  •   You have any sexual health issues or questions about contraceptives.
  •   When you have difficulty wearing a tampon.
  •   Painful periods.
  •   Delayed puberty.
  •   Pregnancy issues.

It is advised that females should get pap smear tests at the age of 21 regardless of sexual activity or the need for birth control. Seeing an OBGYN will assist you in answering any questions about your sexual health and ensure a healthy pregnancy. To ensure you have no issues with your sexual health and safe pregnancy, book an appointment with your OBGYN at Capital Women’s Care.

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