Can CBD Tinctures Help With Depression?

Wanda Rice

If you’re a human being in the year 2020, it’s likely you’re going into the very, very exciting prospect of quarantine with an… unspecified duration! Get ready to have a blast staying indoors.

Wait, what? You don’t want to spend several months locked inside, only leaving your home for the absolute most basic necessities?

If you’re like up to 90% of Americans, the ongoing quarantine is going to be a journey of unknown territory.  Most of the news is going to be filled with infection rates and death tolls, and it’s going to be hard to maintain a positive outlook on the world around us.

Mild depression is going to start infecting us despite our quarantines, and you may be looking for a way to stay calm, and relaxed. If so, you might want to try CBD tinctures.

Though many consumers grow marijuana using THC-rich cannabis seeds so they can enjoy an explosive high come harvest time, CBD has carved out its own niche as a non-psychoactive anti-inflammatory that has found its way into many health and wellness routines worldwide.

7 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects)

CBD, on the other hand, has far less intense effects. It’s notably effective at relaxing and calming people who use it and leads them to a place of ease and comfort. Some studies have even been done showing that CBD can be a potential treatment for depression in some circumstances.

Another benefit of CBD is a reduced appetite. If you’re afraid of going on rations due to this whole “shutdown of an entire country” thing, CBD edibles may at least help you resist the urge to eat all of your peanuts and beans in one sitting. However, do not eat all of your CBD supply in one sitting either, unless you have the strong desire to feel like you’ve been infected by coronavirus (seriously don’t try it, you’ll feel awful).

If you’re looking for a CBD tincture supplier that’s open in these fun times, try Azuca. They can deliver across the country, and thankfully our postal system is still functioning. Now, I’ve got to go and see if CostCo has more toilet paper stocked…

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