What to Know about Diabetes

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Diabetes is a severe condition, more so when left untreated. You will need a good doctor to measure your blood sugar before getting a diabetes diagnosis. Doctor Kaplan Desai offers a wide range of approaches to keep your blood sugar in check to prevent further life-threatening complications. Integrated Family Medical Center for diabetes in Lady Lake is a facility that combines both traditional and modern approaches to keep your blood levels in check.

How Do You Know You Have Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition related to your pancreases. The situation arises when your pancreas fails to produce insulin to reduce your blood sugar levels adequately. Sugars exist in different forms, and most of them come from the foods you eat. The foods give you the energy to carry out your daily activities. The pancreas is responsible for all the insulin in your body. The organ produces insulin whenever you have a sugary snack or any other meal containing glucose. Insulin regulates the amount of blood glucose to prevent complications. However, whenever your pancreas fails to produce insulin, then you have diabetes. Further, you can have diabetes whenever your body fails to make enough or utilize insulin.

Types Of Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. When you visit the Integrated Family Medical Center, Dr. Desai will assess your condition, make the right diagnosis, and confirm the type of diabetes you have. The two types of diabetes include:

  • Type One Diabetes
  • Type Two Diabetes

You can have type 2 diabetes at any age, especially when you are obese. In the condition, the body fails to utilize insulin properly. Type 1 diabetes requires daily injections as your body will have lost all its ability to make insulin. Gestational diabetes is a rare form of diabetes that affects pregnant women. However, when you have this condition, it will resolve by itself after you have given birth.

Diabetes Symptoms You Should Look Out For

You should consult Dr. Desai to have a professional opinion if you have fears of diabetes. Both types of diabetes have similar symptoms that appear after your body cannot utilize insulin. However, for type 1, you will feel sudden body changes associated with

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Sudden Weight Loss
  • Frequent Urination
  • Pains, especially in the leg regions

Treatment And Management Of Diabetes

Dr. Desai will carry out a comprehensive diabetes examination when you visit the Integrated Family Medical Center. The doctor will also look at your family history and give further professional advice. The diagnosis of the condition will require your blood that will go into a blood glucose meter. Dr. Desai offers personalized help that involves both traditional and modern medicines.

Diabetes can lead to deadly complications and even death if not managed in time. Visit your specialist at Integrated Family Medical Center to have your blood sugar checked to help manage the condition and learn more about lifestyle choices which can help improve your quality of life.

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