Get Comprehensive Care to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

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You deserve to live a quality life of optimal health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires comprehensive care and a joint effort between you and your care provider. Nova Physician Wellness Center uses medically-proven, safe and effective methods to help you achieve the best outcomes in your health goals, improving your life quality. Achieving and maintaining weight loss is one of the most outstanding achievements for improved health.

Dr. Rohit Suri, who is board-certified in obesity medicine, offers high standard weight management and takes a holistic approach to achieve optimal health. This includes nutritional and weight-loss counseling, medical weight loss, obesity treatment, pediatric weight loss and obesity, and weight maintenance.

Nutritional Counseling

Diet directly affects your weight loss and general health at large. It is not as easy as it sounds eating a balanced diet as it’s not comfortable to adopt new eating habits than those you are used to. However, with the guidance and counseling from Dr.Suri, you can achieve it.

Weight Loss Counseling

Several emotional and mental health factors impact your weight management. You may be required to have some lifestyle changes to help you lose weight and live a healthy life. However, changing behaviors and thoughts is not easy on your own and requires accountability to instill a particular discipline.

Dr. Suri offers supportive behavioral therapy through personalized exercise plans, physical and medical exams, and nutrition training. This helps you discover the behaviors that negatively affect your efforts to lose weight. It also enables you to understand trigger foods, which can help you resist the foods you desire.

Medical Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a struggle, and there are health risks associated with it. However, Dr. Suri has extensive knowledge of obesity medicine and effective weight management and support. Medical weight loss involves regular visits to the doctor -who combines several weight loss therapies depending on your weight loss needs.

Obesity Treatment

This is a practice to help you reduce harmful body fat and regain your optimal health. The goal of obesity treatment is to achieve and maintain a steady and consistent weight loss. You are unique, and the treatment can be tailored according to your needs to optimize the results. It might involve bio-metabolic analysis, comprehensive medical examination, lab work, and electrocardiogram.

Pediatric Weight Loss and Obesity

Obesity in minors is on the rise. It is a condition where your child becomes significantly more massive than they should be. This can cause several health complications, and therefore pediatric weight management is crucial. This is a medical weight loss program for children and adolescence.

Through a range of therapies and treatment procedures, your children’s obesity can be managed and can prevent them from complications related to the condition such as migraines, hyperinsulinemia, and acid reflux. Pediatric obesity can be treated through diagnostics, nutritional counseling, behavioral counseling, and individualized exercise program.

Weight Maintenance

Achieving weight reduction is only one step forward towards living a healthy life. A maintenance program can help you maintain weight loss and optimize your overall health. The program is multi-faceted and customized to meet your needs best. It can involve self-monitoring, physical activity, stress management, relapse prevention, social support, and problem-solving skills.

Combining your weight loss efforts with a specialist’s expertise is more effective in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take the first step of consulting Dr. Suri, and you can look forward to enjoying impressive and long-lasting results.

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