Factors That Affect the Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur

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Are you worried about the cost of the hair transplant; it’s not just you every hair loss sufferer is!

But believe it the hair transplant procedure is reasonable as the results achieved are exceptional. Do not think the spent money as expense in fact it is an investment for your happiness and life time confidence.

Hair transplant in Jaipur has become very affordable and it is the demand of the procedure that has increased the count of the clinics in such a way that you can find hair transplant clinics in every area of the city. The hair transplant cost in Jaipur is also affordable but the thing which lure the people towards the pink city is the excellence of the hair transplant industry. It is not just the common domestic people travelling to pink city but in fact the foreign patients and the celebrities too have made their way to Jaipur for hair transplant tourism.

In Jaipur, medispa hair transplant clinic is the preeminent destination serving more than hundred patients every year for the best hair transplant outcomes. We are the top tiered clinic globally renowned and recognized for international level of standards and incredible hair transplant. Dr Suneet Soni’s artistic sensibility and his finer skills both didn’t get unnoticed and has popularity around the globe. So if you are seeking for a cost effective yet incredible hair transplant then consider Medispa hair transplant clinic for your blissful journey.

Hair transplantprocedure

The hair transplant procedure involves the harvesting of the hair grafts from the donor area and then their transplantation at the recipient site. The donor area is the area from where the hair grafts are taken out based on the nature of the grafts that should essentially have permanent roots. The procedure is performed using FUT and FUE technique which is decided based on the condition of each patient. These techniques differ in their way of harvesting the hair grafts.

Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of hair transplant varies with many associated factors but on average lie from 60 K to 400 K.  If you compare the cost of the hair transplant with the cost of any temporary aid then hair transplant is definitely very affordable. The cost of hair transplant in India is itself very affordable and is around 5 – 6 times lower than the cost of the procedure in western world countries.

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Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost

Most of the patients wonder how is the cost of hair transplant decided as it vary from clinic to clinic. Let’s bust the fact and know the factors affecting the hair transplant outcomes.

  1. Area of baldness: The area of baldness is evaluated by the hair transplant surgeon via Norwood classification. This classification grade the hair loss into 7 stages. The higher the stage the more is the baldness and thus more would be the expense.
  2. Sex of the patient: In females the hair transplant is cheaper as compared to the male hair transplant. In females higher count of hair grafts is needed to cover the bald area which increases the cost. In addition, the procedure is bit tricky and difficult in females due to the no shave approachpreference.
  3. Need of the hair follicles: The higher the need of the hair follicles the more will be the cost of the procedure. The need of the hair follicles is decided based on the area of baldness, adequacy of the hair grafts and budget of the patient.
  4. Type of hair transplant: Scalp versus facial hair transplant, definitely facial hair transplant is expensive as there is higher difficulty to reflect the natural outcomes in facial hair transplant.
  5. Technique opted to perform hair transplant: FUE hair transplant is pricier method as it is very time consuming and tedious.
  6. Experience and qualification of the hair transplant surgeon: It might be possible than a highly qualified or an experienced surgeon charge you more for the hair transplant. But you know very well where to go be it a handful amount extra but under the hands of an experienced surgeon you are sure that the results are going to be successful.
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