Preparation and Procedure of Tonsillectomy

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Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure recommended to patients who are not able to manage the symptoms of tonsilitis with medication. The patients considering the option should consult the general surgeon in Lahore for proper guidance regarding the procedure and risk factors.

What is a tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy is an operational procedure that involves the removal of the tonsil. Tonsils are responsible t again for fighting infections, but they can also get infected. Tonsilitis is the infection of tonsils that results in swelling of the throat and glands, fever, and difficulty swallowing food. The recurrent episodes result in complications and require the removal of tonsils. Tonsillectomy is recommended when antibiotics are proven ineffective, and the person is unable to cope with the symptoms.

What is the procedure of tonsillectomy?

The patient is under the effect of anesthesia during the surgery and doesn’t feel any pain. The procedure lasts for half an hour. The patient is kept under observation to monitor the vitals for 6-10 hours. There are three main procedures for the removal of tonsils; which are:

  • Cold Knife Dissection: It is the oldest method to remove tonsils. The surgeon utilizes the scalpel to remove both the tonsils.
  • Cauterization: The method burns the tissue.
  • Ultrasonic Tonsillectomy: This method uses high sound waves to cut tonsils and sea blood vessels simultaneously to minimize the chances of bleeding.

What condition necessitates going through tonsillectomy?

The patients with the symptoms mentioned below are required to consult a general surgeon and opt for the surgery:

  • The tonsils swell and cause problems in breathing
  • The snoring problem escalates
  • The person suffers from sleep apnea; in which the person cannot breathe while sleeping
  • The patient notices bleeding from the tonsils.
  • The patients diagnosed with cancer and symptoms of tonsilitis are recommended the surgery.

What is the protocol of the surgery?

The protocol of the surgery includes:

  • The patient has to inform about pre-existing medical conditions before the surgery.
  • The patient is supposed to stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications; 14 days prior to the surgery.
  • The individual is required to fast 24 hours before the surgery
  • The vitals should be normal
  • The person must have an attendant with them as they advised not to drive.

What are the risk factors associated with tonsillectomy?

The risks of the surgical procedure include swelling infection, internal bleeding, and a severe reaction to the anesthesia.

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What is the aftercare of the surgery?

The aftercare of tonsillectomy includes:

  • Using a humidifier, to keep the throat moisturize and reduce irritation
  • Maintaining social distance from people with flu and cough
  • Adequate intake of fluids
  • Rest and limit your physical activity after the procedure for complete recovery
  • Use ice popsicles and warm food such as soup
  • Avoid hard food items as they can cause pain
  • Use pain medication to ease the discomfort as prescribed by the specialist.
  • Visit the doctor after 2-3 days of the surgery to ensure that everything is fine.

What is the recovery time of tonsillectomy?

The recovery time for the patients’ undergone tonsillectomy is six to eight weeks. The patients might experience pain while swallowing food for the first two weeks. The patient will experience irritation while consuming spicy and hard food for about six weeks. The recovery time may exceed if the patient gets bleeding or infected after the surgery. The patient must consult the surgeon and remain in contact until fully recovered.

Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure recommended to children and adults, which requires proper care. The individuals who want to get an expert opinion and a competent specialist to perform the surgery should consult the general surgeon in Islamabad.

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