The 5 most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Bermuda

Wanda Rice

Properties in Bermuda

Bermuda has been divided into nine parishes which are known respectively as St George’s, Southampton, Smiths, Sandy’s, Pembroke, Paget, Hamilton and Devonshire. The island is mostly considered to be a very safe destination because it has a crime rate which is considerably lower than the crime rate of the US for instance.

Furthermore, something such as violent crime is an incredibly rare phenomenon in Bermuda. Nevertheless, occasionally there are occurrences which is mostly related to gang activities but it is only very rarely that such things have any impact on the tourism industry. This is why Bermuda is considered to be a safe haven which has very attractive real estate opportunities and many of those properties is in some of the most beautiful places on this planet.

Paget Parish

One of the nine parishes of Bermuda is a beautiful place known as Paget Parish. There once was an individual which was known as Baron Paget de Beaudesert or William Paget and this parish was named after him. Paget is in the central south of the Bermuda Island chain and it is also just south of Hamilton harbor which is located on the main Island. A house in this beautiful place can cost $4 million.

Grape Bay Beach

This is an area very close to the city of Hamilton and thus is in fact, one of the most attractive residential areas in Bermuda. Both the harbor and most of the city can be seen from this elevated location.  It should be remembered that Grape Bay Beach is not a public beach since it is owned by Grape Bay Cottages a couple of wealthy residents in the area and Grape Bay Beach resort which is no longer in operation. Grape Bay Cottages provide accommodation for people who are on vacation. Nevertheless, this area is also part of South Shore National Park therefore guest and visitors will still be allowed access. A house in this area could cost $9 million.

Tucker’s Town

The 5 most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Bermuda

For the golfing enthusiasts there are several golf clubs in the area. There is also the Bermuda Kayak Eco Tour and the opportunity for Scuba Diving Lessons. Then there are several shore excursions tours available. There are also trail bike tours available as well as the Bermuda Rum Cruise. There are also stand-up paddle adventures and the St Georges sight seeing tour. Expect to pay $15 million for a house in Tucker’s Town.

Hamilton Parish

As we already know from the opening paragraph, Hamilton Parish is one of the nine parishes of Bermuda. It was named after James Hamilton which was a Scottish aristocrat. This guy was the 2nd Marquess of Hamilton at the time when he obtained the shares of the Virginia Company which was then the property of Lucy Russell, Countess of Bedford. There are houses which sell for more than $20 million in this area but for many of the residents that is money which was very well spent.

Pembroke Parish

Another of the beautiful parishes of Bermuda is the one known as Pembroke Parish. This beautiful parish was named after the 3rd Earl of Pembroke also known as William Herbert. This parish covers most of the peninsula which shoots out from the central north coast of the main island of Bermuda.  Pembroke Parish actually surround Hamilton on three sides. There are houses here costing $30 million and more.

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